About Us

StevieMac Jewelry is all about classic styles and quality. Every woman and man should have a basic assortment of items in their fine jewelry collection. At StevieMac we strive to provide a place to find those items easily, make ordering a breeze, and ship them to you in a reasonable time frame. Our CEO has over 21 years of experience in both Wholesale jewelry, Manufacturing, and Retail Sales. Our second in command has over 24 years of jewelry experience, and is an integral part of what we select for our website. At StevieMac, our motto is "Your jewelry shopping experience should be the easiest part of your relationship!" In other words, our selection is well defined (not over-whelming like some sites) and hand-picked for its quality.

Our Vendors are the BEST in the business! We can and will take special requests, but we feel you will find that special something in our well defined assortment. If you shop here, you can be assured that your special someone will be extremely happy with your gift. And if your purchase is for you, well you will be happy too! So, welcome to a site that believes in honor and integrity...at a great price! If you want a place to shop that keeps you coming back, shop at StevieMac.